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Area 7 Arena Eventing Qualifier

2018 saw the first BRC Area 7 Arena Eventing qualifier, which leads to a brand new (for 2019) championship! After dipping our toes in team competitions at Festival of the Horse (FOTH), our eventing team were chomping at the bit to get back out there. This time we had a team of three for the 80cm class:

Tina Karris & CVS Dixie Chick (56) Helen Nicholls & Angelo of Dalwhinnie (57) Kate Bouchier & Dexter's Calico Joe (58)

We also had 2 individuals representing AGDRC:

70cm - Tayla Lawes & Blackts Remona (Junior, pictured) 100cm - Sally-Anne Hicks & Vent De Bise De Mahy-Faux

In fact at our second team event, there's only one class our fast growing team didn't enter: 90cm!

We had some fantastic results for the club today. This was Tayla's first arena eventing competition, first BRC event, and first time representing the club. Tayla gave a lovely round, with 2 unlucky poles in the SJ section for 8 faults, and flying clear in the XC to come 15th out of 40.

The team also did extremely well. Tina flew round the SJ section and had a good start to the XC. Dixie had other ideas when it came to the step however, and had an impromptu dance which cost us an E (E'ing the team overall as we only had three!). But still a really good round despite that! Helen and Kate went out and put in two beautiful DC's, coming 18th and 11th respectively out of about 45.

Unfortunately, due to timings and lighting, the 100cm class was postponed. So we hope to have details of the rearranged date soon for Sally-Anne.

The day at Keysoe was forecast to be dry, and for the most part we weren't disappointed! The club's helpers for the day were Team Manager Sarah Legg, Liz Eckert & Andrea Hall, who did a fantastic job as arena party from 2-3pm. Somehow they managed to get the only hour that was absolutely chucking it down, but were still smiling at the end (once they had emptied the puddles from their boots!!)

Next up? Winter SJ at Keysoe on 26th January! If you're interested, please contact Sarah Legg (Jumping Team Manager) or asap. Entries close just after New Year!

We also have Winter Dressage at Keysoe on 16th Febraury. To register interested in this, please contact Gill Benwell (Dressage Team Manager) or

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