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Are you interested in representing the club?

Why not join one of our friendly teams!

Each year, Area 7 (our riding club area - Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire) and all the other BRC areas hold separate qualifiers to give teams and individuals from the area a chance to compete at the British Riding Club National Championships.

Our senior teams are currently growing well, and of course there's always room for more. But we are also very much interested in hearing from our juniors to grow our junior teams too!

To give you an idea of the types of competition available, in 2018 Area Qualifiers were held for the following Championships:

Arena Eventing Championships (2019) Novice Winter Championships (Show Jumping and Dressage) Intermediate Winter Championships (Show Jumping and Dressage) Festival of the Horse Championships (FOTH) (Eventer Challenge) Horse Trials Championships National Championships (Show Jumping and Dressage) Dressage to Music Championships Quadrille

And 2019 looks set to follow 2018's lead, with the following dates already in place:

26th January - Winter SJ Qualifiers (Novice and Intermediate)

2nd February - Arena Eventing Qualifiers (100cm) 16th February - Winter Dressage Qualifiers (Novice and Intermediate)

9th March - Arena Eventing Championships 30th March - Winter Novice Championships 7th April - FOTH Combined Training Qualifiers 26th April - Winter Intermediate Championships 12th May - Summer SJ Qualifiers 19th May - Team SJ at Rockingham International Horse Trials 7th July - Summer Dressage Qualifiers 2nd August - Horse Trials Championships 31st August - National Summer Championships 19th September - Team Eventer Challenge at Blenheim Horse Trials 27th September - Quadrille and DTM Championships

With more dates to follow to include:

Horse Trials Qualifiers FOTH Qualifiers FOTH National Championships Quadrille & DTM Qualifiers

Gill Benwell is our resident Dressage Team Manager and Sarah Legg is our Jumping Team Manager (looking after both Show Jumping and Eventing). Both have been concentrating on growing both teams in the latter stages of 2018, ready for the 2019 season, and are the smiling faces/first ports of call for their respective areas.

Interested? Why not get in contact on and either Gill or Sarah will be in touch!

All information regarding our teams can be found on our dedicated Teams page (in the members area)

We look forward to hearing from you.

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