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Mechanical Millie: Missing!

Unfortunately we had to cancel today's Mechanical Millie clinic as her horsebox broke down! We are hoping to reschedule the clinic in the new year - so keep your eyes on the calendar for future dates!

What is Mechanical Millie?

Millie is defined as a Equisimulator, originating from Holland shes was the first of her kind to be set up in the UK. This type of machine is a second generation of this particular machine, more realistic in width, movement and functionality. Millie is fully portable so she can travel the country helping individuals to up their riding game for them an their horses health.

Remember you ride for say 1 hour 5 times a week if your lucky. So how does this effect you? Cross your legs? Stand with one leg relaxed? Lock your knees when you stand? You are truly beneficial to your horse if your body is working on all cylinders.

Millie is powered via the rider's movements. If the rider does not move correctly the machine is designed not to work.

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