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Grids, Poles and Sharon Taylor!

Gridwork is a fun activity to add to your training with too many benefits to mention! It develops strength, balance, rhythm and suppleness, as well as encouraging better shape and adjustable stride length. It has many benefits for the rider too, as it allows them to think more about their position over fences as their horse jumps through the grid!

And a few of you braved the fresh, cold weather today to attend Sharon Taylor's gridwork clinic at Wakes End, and those that did were justly rewarded! Sharon used grids to help develop rhythm and consistency and the moved on to progress to some distances and other fences too - not solely working on grids - giving our riders lots of ideas on exercises that they can easily learn and set up at home.

The day proved to be a lot of fun for all those that attended with lots of positive feedback. Watch this space for more Sharon Taylor, as well as more grids!

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