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Member Profile: Nikki O'Neill

Nikki O'Neill | Milton Keynes | Senior | Show Jumping | Jumping Team Member

Nikki O'Neill

When did you start riding?

I started riding when I was about 5 years old

When did you join AGDRC?

I joined in 2018. I moved to Buckinghamshire and wanted to meet some like minded people and get to some clinics to meet trainers

What horse(s) do you currently own or ride?

I own my homebred horse, Tia, who is a 10yo 16.1hh Selle Francais x ISH

What equestrian activities do you do?

I mostly Show Jump, Event and do some Dressage. Though Tia and I have had some set backs over the last couple of years

Do you have a horsey goal or aspiration?

I would really like to get back to affiliated Show Jumping

What are you most excited about with regards to being a member of the club?

I'm most excited about the team events and the great group of people I have met through the team! And, although I won't be competing in the coming months, I'm looking forward to supporting the team from the ground!

What riders influence you?

John Whitaker has always been my childhood hero, and Mary King. But also those like Harry Meade and non-famous riders that overcome injury and other boundaries

Do you have any "pre-game" rituals?

My "pre-game" is: kiss Tia on the nose, sing en route, have a cup of tea and stretch Tia's legs!

What do you consider to be your equestrian career highlight?

Definitely completing a course of 1m35 with a final fence at 1m50 on Tia's 15.2hh mum, Tinka!

Anything else we should know about you/your horse(s)?

Tia always insists on having a cuddle before being ridden. But also, I am expecting a baby in June, so until then I'm moral support for the team

Nikki O'Neill

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