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Dressage Team Training at Twyford

Yet another brilliant, fully booked, clinic with Tom Graham at Twyford today. This was the last training session for the Club Members who are riding on our behalf at the BRC Area 7 Winter Dressage Qualifiers at Keysoe on Saturday 16 February - a fabulous opportunity for all to have a practice run through of their respective tests under the expert and very watchful eye of GP Rider Tom - giving lots of warm up exercises to do to get the horses engaged and listening, running through all the movements with first-class advice and tips on how to improve movements, not throw away marks and get the very best from the horses. Some brilliant riding and without doubt confidence was boosted with everyone looking forward to next weekend. Our thanks to Tom and the Twyford Mill Equestrian team for allowing the clinic to go ahead under the current circumstances and for making sure all our horses were safe at all times.

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