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Equine Influenza - Vaccinations

Further to our previous statement regarding the current outbreak of Equine Influenza (EI) we would like to clarify the vaccination requirements to keep all our horses safe and healthy:

To be fully covered, horses need to have had their initial course of 3 vaccinations, followed by annual boosters given within 365 days of the previous injection.

Or, for newly vaccinated horses, at least the primary course of the first 2 injections must have been given, between 21 & 92 days apart, with the second injection having been given at least 7 days prior to the event or clinic. As we are all committed to the welfare of our members’ horses and those living in the yards where our clinics are held, this is the minimum requirement for entry to our events during this outbreak.

We are checking the vaccination status of all horses before they attend our events and checking passports on arrival. Your clinic organiser will request a copy of your horse's passport, which we will then keep on file for our future events. For any horses already booked onto to future clinics who do not comply with this vaccination policy, we will refund your entry fees. We continue to monitor the situation and will also issue refunds should we need to cancel, or if riders are unable to attend a clinic during this outbreak due to yards on lockdown.

Please note: For the best protection from flu, the veterinary profession recommend fully vaccinated horses receive an additional booster if more than 6 months have passed since their last injection.

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