Area 7 Horse Trials Qualifier

Our up and coming jumping and eventing team is going from strength to strength, and we're going all out this year! With ambitions to have teams representing us at every qualifier, we find ourselves entering our first Horse Trials qualifier!! The team consisted of:

80cm Senior Team - AG Hendricks Milly Jones & Mill Nuez Tina Kavanagh & CVS Dixie Chick

Emelya King & Castilios Zilver Lining

90cm Senior Individual Kate Bouchier & Dexter's Calico Joe

80cm Junior Individual

Imi Bradbury & Siepke's Ilona

The day at Keysoe was forecast to be warm and sunny, and the weather certainly didn't disappoint! The glorious sunshine and warm weather certainly seemed to lift everyone's spirits.

Our riders certainly did us proud, with fabulous dressage scores, fantastic show jumping rounds (with a couple of unlucky poles) and every single one of them stormed the cross country!