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Being a committee member...

The Aspley Guise & District Riding Club committee wish to encourage active involvement from all of our members and we are continually seeking nominations/volunteers to join us on the committee!

Being a committee member is an excellent chance for members to become more involved and ensure that your views and aspirations for the club are included in our annual plans and activities.

As a member of the committee you are usually expected to attend a monthly meeting, which includes our yearly AGM. There may be one or two actions that come out of these meetings, but we split these evenly so that, with support via WhatsApp and email from the rest of the committee, these should not take up too much of your time.

As a member of the Aspley Guise & District Riding Club committee you will be able to influence the future of the club and have the opportunity to get involved in the behind-the-scenes planning. It's also a great way to expand your network in the equestrian world - not only will you meet committee and club members, but you have the opportunity to meet equestrian professionals from any field of your choosing too!

If you feel you could contribute to the future of the club and are interested in joining the committee please contact us on and we will send further information.

So why not join us? What have you got to lose?

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