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Flatwork, Physio, Pilates and Prosecco - AGDRC Dressage Camp 2019

The 2019 AGDRC dressage camp took place at Twyford Mill Equestrian on 22nd/23rd June. Participants had shared and individual flatwork lessons. The humans also had pilates sessions and the opportunity to try a Back in Action Mobiliser. The horses also had either a physio or a water treadmill session. The weekend was a great mix of learning, camadarie and good laughs. Twyford Mill provided great hospitality and excellent food. Prosecco was drunk. The dogs, guinea fowl and chickens kept us entertained. Tom Graham provided excellent training, words of wisdom and witticisms. The small guest coach watched intently, but didn't say much!

Big thanks to Gill Benwell for organising and to Tom , Shirley, Shirley's mum, Laura, George and Sarah at Twyford Mill for all their hard work! Looking forward to the next one!

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