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SJ with Nick Turner

Our first Nick Turner SJ clinic was fully booked! And with a jam packed day ahead of us, we arrived a little early to help Nick set up at Waked End Farm.

Nick taught 8 groups of varying abilities throughout the day, and his methods and techniques left absolutely going away from the clinic having learnt something. He really had a way of getting the best out of all horse and rider combinations.

The Smartest Helper award definitely goes to Tracey Toombs, who looked very official with her clipboard and work suit jacket (it was a hot day in the sun, and fairly cool when it hid behind the clouds!!)

We had great fun all day, with a group of those participating in the clinic and spectators alike keeping spirits high and cheering everyone on! A very friendly and supportive atmosphere kept people smiling.

There has been a lot of demand for more SJ with Nick Turner, and we're keen to get these in the diary for you, so do keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, we have a XC clinic with Nick booked in for 11th August at Swalcliffe Park - hurry, we're already accepting entries and spaces are already going!

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