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New Club Trainer: Evie O'Keeffe

The club is trying something new this year - we're having our first go at Le Trec, holding our first clinic on 9th November!

We are delighted to be joined by Evie O'Keeffe, BHS Trec Judge and Trec GB Judge Trainer.

Evie has competed at level two and three in the UK and Ireland. TREC is a great way to build a strong working partnership with any horse, build your confidence out exploring the countryside and you get to ride in some fantastic places.

Evie has organised and scored for many competitions, and attended TREC GB Technical Delegate and Tracer (POR route designer) training so she knows the sport inside out and have in depth knowledge of the rules.

She began training other riders for BRCs in 2009, and in 2015 she set up as a freelance coach. Her aim is to improve the partnership, trust and confidence that horse and handler have throughout a session.

Evie has trained and competed on some very different horses, and riding them as well as coaching hundreds of others in training sessions has given her a variety of tools and approaches for different scenarios.

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