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The Bijou Team Trophy

Some of you may be aware of the very sad news late last year when one of our members, Sally-Anne Hicks, tragically lost her fabulous horse, Bijou, on whom she had represented our Riding Club at many BRC Events and had enjoyed much success with him. In recognition of both her loss and their support of the Riding Club, (and with her kind consent), we thought it fitting to name our Team Trophy after Bijou.

Earning points for this Award is simple; anyone who rides for Aspley Guise & District Riding Club at any British Riding Clubs (BRC) Event throughout the year will be awarded points. 4 for Qualifiers and 6 points for anyone who reaches and takes part in a BRC National Championship - at any discipline.

The current league results are here on our League page - contact one of the team managers now to join one of our friendly teams!

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