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The role of the Volunteer Helper at Riding Club Events

We very much appreciate all help at Riding Club events. This role should not be onerous and gives you the opportunity to observe some of the action, but we thought that it might be useful to let you know what we might expect you to do!


  • The ‘Organiser’ of the Clinic will supply you with all information relevant to the event such as a list of names, times, emergency contacts numbers, accident forms, make sure that there is a 1st Aid Kit on site and provide you with the AGDRC banner to indicate the venue. In effect, The organiser will set up the event for you!

  • You need to turn up on the day at least 30 mins before the first rider in order to put up the Riding Club banner so that riders will know that they are in the right place.

  • Some liaison may be required with the venue on the day with regard to where to park horseboxes (this depends on the venue as some prefer us to direct parking)

  • You need to find out where toilet facilities are (If not already familiar with venue or you have not been informed by the organiser) Hopefully there may also be facilities for you to make a cup of tea/coffee for yourself and the trainer.

  • Some riders may require assistance with parking, tacking up or mounting their horse.

  • You need to keep an eye on the general timing of the Clinic and try to keep things running smoothly (some trainers become a little enthusiastic and run late which effects the next rider)

  • If you are there at the end of the Clinic, you need to check that everything has been ok with Venue and Trainer (for feedback to Organiser)

  • You also need to make sure that riders have left the parking area tidy (no hay or droppings) and poop scoop the arena please. (hopefully riders will offer to do this!)

  • Finally, you need to supply the Organiser of the Clinic with confirmation of attendees (for the Participation League) and a report on any incidents, problems that may have arisen. (e.g. accident forms if one was required- hopefully not!)

  • Don’t forget to collect the AGDRC banner that was put out at the start of the Clinic!

SHOWS : including Summer Dressage Shows and all Area 7 Qualifiers

Assistance provided at Clinics is of a more general nature than that provided at Shows.

Volunteering for helping at a Show gives you the opportunity to request a specific task that you may prefer to do. You also have the opportunity to request the times to suit you.

The Show Organiser / Team Manager will provide you with more specific details as to exactly what is required in your role on the day.

Please find a list of possible tasks for which we need volunteers


  • Dressage Test Writing

  • Warm Up Ring Stewarding

  • Test Scoring & Results

  • ‘Runner’ to collect Dressage Tests sheets from Judges

  • Help to deliver refreshments to all helper and judges


  • Dressage Test Writing

  • Ring Stewarding

  • Tack Checking

  • Pole Picking (SJ)

  • Fence Judging

  • Car Park Duties

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