AGDRC members ready for the Area 7 Summer Dressage Qualifiers @ Alconbury, 7th July 2019

This Sunday, riders from AGDRC head to Alconbury for the Area 7 Summer Dressage Qualifiers. This is the first time in many years that Aspley Guise have had such a strong team to put forward for the Summer Championships.

When I was offered the opportunity to organise a team for this event I jumped at the chance. I joined Aspley Guise because it was one of the friendliest clubs and I wanted the chance to make other people feel as welcome and included as I was by everyone.

My mantra… “Everyone is welcome, it’s all about having fun and supporting each other”.

I was overwhelmed with the response I received, so many of you were willing to come and support the club. I am sad that unfortunately, due to some horse and/ or rider injuries, we have lost some of our intrepid competitors along the way. (Wishing every one affected a speedy recovery.) Despite this, I very proudly entered not ONE but FOUR teams, as well as ONE Junior rider, ONE Individual Senior, AND a pairs team!!!

Wow!! Is all I can say, that and Thank You to everyone who has volunteered!! As team manager I am very excited to be working with such a great band of riders and their stunning horses.

Which brings me to the crux of my post, to introduce to you the Summer Dressage Team and their horses: