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New Club Trainer: Matt Cox

Matt started riding at the age of 8 - starting his competition career at local riding clubs where he soon moved up the levels and became a competitive dressage rider. He has trained with Claire Lilley, who is a classically trained rider (she trained with Arthur Kottas), who really made him aware of a rider's seat and how this affects the horse and their balance. Continuing his education at Talland School of Equitation, Matt had the opportunity to ride advanced horses in an environment where he had access to some of the best instruction that the country has to offer.

Matt has trained with many high profile trainers throughout his career including Carl Hester, Andrew Gould and Spencer Wilton. He has been lucky enough to be able to ride and train various advanced horses and work with other advanced trainers. He has been out competing at Grand Prix on his current horse.

More recently Matt has been busy coaching and recently completed his UKCC level 3 to become a British Dressage Accredited Coach.

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