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With our new committee role, Volunteer Coordinator, we are putting together a list of members, friends and family who would be happy to help our teams compete and help at our events.

So why add your name to our list of volunteers?

Well, there are lots of reasons why you might consider helping the club! Including:

1. Volunteering and helping at our events and team qualifiers is a great way of getting involved with the club and it's activities without riding

2. Which means it's also a great way of meeting people!

3. For every 2 hours (or team competition) you help for you can earn 2 participation league points, giving you more chance to win the Rococo Trophy

4. You stand more chance of wining the Shield for Outstanding Volunteer Award

5. It's a great opportunity to support our teams! Without helpers, our teams cannot compete and represent the club

6. It keeps our club going and allows us to run more events. We want to be able to offer you more chances to get to club events, but without helpers and volunteers we struggle to run them - so with your help we will be able to offer more and keep the club going!


No need to worry about that!

You don't need to commit loads of time, just an hour or two is a great help to us.

And we promise we won't call on you every time - we have our dedicated Volunteer Coordinator on the committee who ensure that we're not just calling on the same people time and time again (unless you want us too!!).

And if you're worried about how far you might need to travel? Our events are held all round the local area! There's sure to be something nearby, so you won't need to travel any further than you want to.


You don't necessarily need a mountain of skills and knowledge to be a club volunteer - our committee are always on hand and contactable to offer guidance and support where necessary. Everyone is welcome to volunteer - there is something for everyone, so please do get involved!

There are a wide range of jobs available depending on what type of event you help at. You can help at social events, training clinics/camps, club competitions (such as the Dressage League) and team competitions. So jobs can be anything from meeting, greeting and getting tea right through to pole picking, car park stewarding, fence judging, and test writing/scoring. There is literally something for everyone!

For more information on becoming a club volunteer, please email and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch!

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