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Online Dressage

Entries may have closed for Aspley Guise & District Riding Club's July Dressage competition, but don't worry entries are open for August already!

In the mean time, why not give Online Dressage a go in the E-Riders British Riding Clubs League?

We've joined up with HayGrazer E-Riders with their brand new (starting this month, July 2019!) BRC League! And they've partnered with Baileys Horse Feeds to bring you some fantastic prizes.

There will be plenty of rosettes up for grabs each month along with an Individual League plus the Club League!

For more information, we've attached the flyer to this post for you.

All information and entries can be found here:

Test sheets and any rosettes will be sent out directly to you! Tests for July are:

Intro A

Prelim 2

Novice 27

Ele 44

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