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Member Profile: Sarah Kennedy nee Paton

Sarah Kennedy | Milton Keynes | Senior | Eventing | Jumping Team Member

When did you start riding?

At 4 years old, on a Shetland pony at my local riding school called Sooty. She must have been about 30 years old at the time!

When did you join AGDRC?

I only moved to MK a few years ago, and really didn't know many people locally. I found AGDRC clinics were always friendly and encouraging and I never felt like an outsider rocking up to things alone like I have in other places. It's a club with really great team spirit where everyone is made to feel welcome. And the social nights are brilliant!

What horse(s) do you currently own or ride?

"Steve" - a 16.1 grey ISH. He was a wedding present to myself in June so we're a very new partnership. He's done a lot of dressage in the past but is still learning the ropes with jumping. He has bags of talent so I hope I can fulfil his potential.

What equestrian activities do you do?

I like to do a bit of everything. I'm trying to get back into eventing after a long break but generally just like a nice day out and compete at dressage, SJ and hunter trials. We go to lots of clinics and sponsored rides.

Do you have a horsey goal or aspiration?

I'd love to ride around a BE Novice. Our aim for 2020/2021!

What are you most excited about with regards to being a member of the club?

Competing as part of the jumping team! I have only been a member since January but I've met so many lovely people through the club already and I'm really looking forward to doing some team events where we can all have some fun together and celebrate each other's successes.

What riders influence you?

Ros Canter - small but mighty! And Ben Hobday - for his shear determination in bouncing back from cancer and getting back out there. For me these riders really are what eventing and good horsemanship is all about.

Do you have any "pre-game" rituals?

Well... now I guess it will be bathing my grey horse! I like to ride the course a few times in my mind, but I'm not the superstitious type so mostly I just hop on and hope for the best!

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