Area 7 Summer Dressage Qualifer

Well it has been 2 weeks since Aspley Riders strutted their stuff at the Summer Dressage qualifiers, and we hope our riders and all of you have been enjoying the lovely summer weather.

The results have now been released by HHRC on behalf of Area 7. We are delighted with every single one of our lovely riders, you really went and showed what the Aspley spirit is all about.

Although we are currently awaiting official confirmation from BRC, it looks like not 1 but 3 of our riders have qualified for the British Riding Club National competition to be held at Lincolnshire Show Ground on the weekend of 31st August.

A huge thankyou to Lauren Hewett for organising our riders for this event particularly as this is the first time that she has acted as a Team Manager for the Riding Club.

Please see the full results for all riders below.

Junior – Intro B

Olivia Davis & Sahara Breeze – 2nd Placed Individual

Senior – Intro B

Alison Castell & Raratomba – 1st Place Individual

Poppy Read & Dudley High Stonebridge – 3rd Place Individual

Kim Thomas & Skittles