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Area 7 Summer Style & Show Jumping Qualifiers

A year ago, at the 2018 Area 7 Summer Style & Show Jumping Qualifiers, I was out representing the club on my own.

A year on at the 2019 Area 7 Summer Style & Show Jumping Qualifiers, Aspley Guise & District Riding Club are the 4th biggest club at the qualifiers, with riders in nearly every Show Jumping and Style Jumping (the first time we're done Style!) height - what a long way we've come in such a short time!

You may have seen some of their members profiles, but your Summer Style & Show Jumping Team are:

100 Mixed - Individuals

Imi Bradbury & Siepke's Ilona (Junior)

90 Senior Team - AG Foxhole

Tina Kavanagh & CVS Dixie Chick

Kate Bouchier & Dexter's Calico Joe

Becki Holmes & Ardent Buck

Katy Briggs & Macs Dreamer

80 Senior Team - AG Hendricks

Poppy Read & Dudley Stone Highbridge

Jo Rimell & Primitive Gold

Sarah Paton & Hainton Steve

Helen Nicholls & Angelo of Dalwhinnie

Senior Style - Individuals

Kate Bouchier & Dexter's Calico Joe (85cm)

Poppy Read & Dudley High Stonebridge (75cm)

Junior Style Individual - 85cm

Imi Bradbury & Clonboo Delight

In preparation for the qualifiers, we put on 2 lots of team training with subsidised entry fees for our team members - Ernest Dillon & Nick Turner - and we were excited to see what our team would do!

On the day we needed to provide 3 helpers - without our helpers we literally could not compete, we would get disqualified! So a huge thank you to Beth Davidson, Tracey Toombs and Lauren Hewett for stepping in and supporting our jumping team. The each did an hour as arena party, either stewarding or pole picking.

So, how did we do?

Well firstly I'd like to really highlight the friendship, sportsmanship and team spirit showed by Aspley Guise in these qualifiers. Beforehand, team members were discussing what times they were arriving so that they could plan to walk to course together, and on the day it was wonderful to see everyone support each other, staying to watch other team members compete, congratulating each other, supporting each other - even members that weren't there, messages were flying around in support! This is the kind of environment and attitudes we are trying to foster in our club!

Results wise it was a fantastic day for Aspley Guise & District Riding Club. Imi Bradbury kicked off the day coming 1st in a nail biting Mixed 100cm class, (official confirmation pending) we're delighted to be sending her off to the National Championships at the end of August!

Our teams did well too, with AG Foxhole coming in 4th in the 90cm Senior, and AG Hendricks coming in 2nd in the 80cm Senior - special shoutout to 80cm Team Members Helen Nicholls, who placed individual 3rd, and Poppy Read, who placed individual 4th.

And that just leave the Style Jumping! Our first go at this as a club, and on the day we had 3 competitors. Imi Bradbury stayed all day, arriving early to compete in the 100cm and staying to the end to compete in the 85cm Junior Style class, placing 6th. And then we had a Senior in each class - Kate Bouchier placing 2nd in the 85cm and Poppy Read placing 2nd in the 75cm.

I'd like to say a huge well done to all of our competitors - I think it's safe to say that, from a team spirit and results side, you're really putting Aspley Guise & District Riding Club on the map!

Next up?

28th July, Team Show Jumping at the Royal International Horse Show, Hickstead. Entries full.

11th August, Area 7 Dressage to Music Qualifiers, Keysoe. Entries closed.

15th September, Area 7 Festival of the Horse Eventer Challenge Qualifiers, Keysoe. 80cm, 90cm or 100cm. Contact us now.

19th September, Team Eventer Challenge at Blenheim Horse Trials. Team has been selected, contact us now for a reserve space.

If you're interested in joining one of the teams for future events, please contact us on

We're always happy to see our teams grow, Senior or Junior! And we'd really love to hear from some more Juniors who would be interested in representing our club.

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