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New Sponsor: Equilibrium Products

We are pleased to announce that Equilibrium Products have joined Aspley Guise & District Riding Club as a brand new sponsor for our unaffiliated SJ competition. Equilibrium Products are sponsoring the 80cm class in our Show Jumping competition on 8th September.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to this local business partnering with us. We look forward to working with Equilibrium Products and building a good relationship with them over the next few months.

About Equilibrium Products

Equilibrium Products was founded by Margaret Donnelly in 2001. Trying to create a product for her headshaking horse, Timmy, to bring him some relief, Margaret created the New Relief Muzzle Net. This grew when looking to bring him some relief during turnout and the Field Relief Max was created.

She realised she had lots of ideas – Timmy as a source of inspiration. His name is Cause for Optimism – which is some sort of divine inspiration. No matter what happens, you need to stay positive and keep trying to find a solution to move forwards.

One thing they’re never going to change is they’re not going to do what everyone else does. There’s no point copying other people or making products that are on the market – that product is already out there and available.

What Equilibrium Products look at is can this product make a difference to the horse’s comfort – whether it is physical or mental. Instead of looking at what other people are doing, they go back to the problem and think, how can we solve this?

With that philosophy, the company has really blossomed, and it is as true now as it was back when it started in 2001.

For a full list of our sponsors, and links to their websites, click here

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