Member Profile: Emelya King

April 9, 2019

Emelya King | Rushden | Senior | Eventing | Jumping Team Member



When did you start riding?

I started riding when I was 6 - my granddad bought ma and my brother riding lessons and after that I was hooked!


When did you join AGDRC?

Last year when the club needed extra members for the Blenheim Riding Club Eventer Challenge and I was so happy with how welcoming and lovely everyone was and how helpful they were it made me join and I'm glad I did!


What horse(s) do you currently own or ride?

I have 3 horses of my own that I ride and compete, Benji is my main horse who I event. Dotty who Iive had for 5 years and we now just do flatwork due to her navicular, and her half brother Loppy who I'm currently backing. Oh and our yard mascot, Quilly, who is our mini!


What equestrian activities do you do?

I like to try and take part in different equestrian activities with my horses to vary what they do but I mainly aim then for eventing and show jumping.


Do you have a horsey goal or aspiration?

Ha I have lots of horsey goals as I am a very big dreamer, but ideally I'd like to aim Benji for grassroots eventing and BYEH for Loppy.


What are you most excited about with regards to being a member of the club?

I'm most excited about the team outings with regards to being a member of the club as I enjoyed Blenheim so much and loved the feeling of being part of a team!


Do you have any "pre-game" rituals?

I like to be organised. I always get everything ready the night before and I always have lists with everything I need and I don't like to say but I am a perfectionist. And I check everything three times!! And I even get my dad to check on the day...


What do you consider to be your equestrian career highlight?

That would have to be winning Keysoe BE90 on Dotty as it was my 3rd event on her and after that year of competing she unfortunately went lame and we stopped her eventing career.


Anything else we should know about you/your horse(s)?

Well I don't think you'd miss them! They all get compliments where ever they go! Benji is the softest horse you'd meet - he'd stand and have cuddles all day. And Loppy and Dotty are Knabstruppers so they are spotty.






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