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What happens at a committee meeting?

Have you ever wondered what your committee get up to when discussing club matters?

Or what it might be like to be on the committee?

Truthfully, it's not as bad as social perceptions might have you believing!!

Typically, a committee meeting will go a little something like this:

The Club Secretary (our Club Secretary is Jane Emery) will email a copy of the last meeting's minutes and the upcoming meeting's agenda to all committee members prior to the meeting. Also confirming the date, location and time of the upcoming meeting.

On the day of the meeting, the committee all arrive and settle for the evening - usually with a cuppa and a side of biccies!

Once Lynn, our Chairman, has announced any apologies she's received from committee members who cannot attend the meeting, we briefly touch on the last meeting's minutes to agree them or bring up any discrepancies (more often than not, these are agreed - our Secretary is awesome!).

After this we start making our way through and discussing the agenda topics, generally following a rough outline that looks like:

Normally speaking, we break halfway through - for another cuppa of course!

Discussions may, on occasion, get a little heated and we may not always agree with each other 100% of the time - but no matter what we always finish on a good note! (And have a bit of a giggle along the way!)

And that's it! Nothing scary or traumatising, being on the committee is actually quite fun - no matter what others might say!

Intrigued? Why not speak to a member of the committee or email to find out more.

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