Member Profile: Liz Julier

Liz Julier | Thornborough | Senior | Dressage | Dressage Team Member

When did you start riding?

I didn’t start riding until my late 20’s. I’d always loved horses and used to canter round the garden jumping obstacles & even cleared out a coal cellar & saved grass cutting for my future pony!

When did you join AGDRC and why?

The family have been members on & off for the past 10 years, my daughter used to ride and my husband & I are both current members. We originally joined to participate in the Wednesday evening summer dressage series at Addington and now go to as many clinics / events as we can on or off the horse.

What horse(s) do you currently own or ride?

Too many is the simple answer. We have 2 retired boys and 3 that we ride. I now compete on my daughters ex PC pony Toby who is fabulous.

What equestrian activities do you do?

Dressage is our main focus but we have a lovely coloured horse Skippy who is back in work after 12 months off with a suspensory injury & we are getting back to doing some jumping.

Do you have a horsey goal or aspiration?

To enjoy riding and to be the best we can.

What are you most excited about with regards to being a member of the club?

I’m really enjoying being part of the dressage team, team training has been great and it would be wonderful if we can get through to the championships.

What riders influence you?