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New Committee Profile: Philippa Rathbone

Philippa Rathbone | Great Brickhill | Senior | Eventing | Membership Secretary

When did you start riding?

AWhen i was teeny-tiny!

Why did you join AGDRC?

Originally decades ago. More recently last year when I got back competing after 20 year break. I joined because of the friendliness and inclusiveness along with the wide variety of clinics

When did you join the committee?

I joined the committee in August 2019!

What horse(s) do you currently own or ride?

Hughie. (Mr Montgomery). 17hh ISH currently on loan to Gez Bavastock while I get sorted

Do you have a horsey goal or aspiration?

Hoping to redo the Wobbleberry Challenge next year when both Hugh and I have finished rehab!

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