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Smells Like Team Spirit

Following on from the Winter SJ Qualifiers we asked our jumping team:

What, in 1 sentence, was the best/most positive thing about the Winter SJ Qualifiers?

And here's what they said...

Lauren Hewett

"I would say team spirit, I've followed all the WhatsApp messages from today and all I can say is you guys are fab, the way you all pulled together, helped and supported each other is amazing. You should all be massively proud of yourselves."

Danni Rutter

"Definitely team spirit. Poppy is 100% my saviour - after my fall, she saved my leather boots and then drove all the way to my house (over an hour) to bring my coat home. And Tina for taking care of my girly!"

Kate Bouchier

"Great team spirit!!"

Milly Jones

"Seeing everyone pull together on a day which was not without mishaps and hearing everyone taking away the positives and supporting each other throughout."

Interested? Why not contact us now about joining one (or more!) of the teams? Email us at and one of the team managers will be in touch.

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