Area 7 FOTH Eventer Challenge Qualifiers

The weather was much better than the pouring rain of last year, this year we had warm, brilliant sunshine! And this year we went out with over double the riders that we did last year... You may have seen some of their members profiles, but your FOTH Eventer Challenge Team are:

100 Senior - Individuals

Carlene Goff & Enya

Hannah Mears & Anjuli

90 Junior - Individual

Imi Bradbury & Siepke's Ilona

90 Senior Team - AG Hendricks

Tina Kavanagh & CVS Dixie Chick

Kate Bouchier & Dexter's Calico Joe

Helen Nicholls & Angelo of Dalwhinnie

Ella Cloake & Der SIlberner Prinz

90 Senior - Individual

Katy Briggs & Macs Dreamer